About El Closet de Jassy

 Welcome to El Closet de Jassy! A place where all women can feel like divas, we are more than just an accesories boutique we are also a dream made into a reality. Our founder Jassy Ramirez believes that self confidence is key to our success in life. With El Closet de Jassy she was able to combine both her passion for fashion accesories and public speaking to inspire women in all walks of life to find their inner diva. We have the belief that fashion shouldn't come with such a high cost and that trendy should also be affordable and accesable to all. Whether you're a mom, student or career women we want you to know that you can conquer anything you put your mind to while wearing one of our pieces. Here at El Closet de Jassy we understand that an accesory cannot change the woman wearing it but it can change the way she feels.

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